iHome Studio Series

iHome Studio Series

There are many products out there with Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station Audio Enhancer technology. One of our favorites is the iHOme Studio Series. A great range of speaker slash docking products that all contain the award winning Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancing technology. Let’s take a quick look at each available product in the iHome Studio Series.

iHome iP1

iHome iP1 Studio Series

The iHome iP1 is a great dock for all your Apple iOS products. It can also be used as a nice way to condense your home audio setup. Just place it on a shelf below or beside your TV and enjoy Bongiovi DPS enhanced audio with the flick of a little Blue B button. Click the image above to learn more about this fantastic product.

iHome iW1

iHome iW1

The iHome iW1 is an AirPlay wireless audio system equipped with a rechargeable battery. If less wires is what you are looking for, then this is the iHome Studio Series product for you. “It’s a speaker to enjoy…” says: Sound+Vision. The proof is in the pudding. Find one direct from iHome by clicking the image above or going to your favorite online retailer.

iHome iD3

iHome iD3

The iHome iD3 is a great speaker system for iPad, iPhone and iPod offers a modern look with amazing audio. 50 watts coupled with the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Audio Enhancing Technology makes this unit scream. Click the picture above for details on connector compatibility, etc.

iHome iA100

iHome iA100

While the iHome ia100 is officially unavailable from iHome, we have seen a few lurking around on Ebay and Amazon. This great Bluetooth audio system for iPod, iPhone, and iPad is perfect for the dorm room, bedroom, end-table and more. Features include: iPad charging, docking, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and the Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Audio Enhancement. An all in one docking FM clock-radio. If you can still find one, we recommend you snag it!

Bongiovi Acoustics iHome Studio Series & the DPS Plugin

These are great products that are available for purchase right now. Cost and space effective products that do not compromise on audio quality. They make great gifts for just about anyone. Don’t forget, you can always enjoy the software version of the DPS Audio Enhancer Technology by visiting DPS Plugin dot com. Audio enhancement for your Mac and PC computers, attached audio devices and iOS.

Pledge to Never Text and Drive

The Bongiovi Crew Pledge to Never Text and Drive

No Text and Drive

Texting and driving is a serious issue. As CEA members, we want to show solidarity to their “It Can Wait” campaign. We are all doing our part by taking the Pledge to Never Text and Drive. You may be surprised by the accident data posted on the It Can Wait site.

It Can Wait No Texting While Driving

100,000 plus crashes a year are caused by people who are texting and driving. These numbers are alarming. What’s even more alarming is that 75% of teens say that texting and driving is common behavior among their friends. The good thing is that states throughout the U.S. are starting to take action. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that NY and other major cities are posting signs directing drivers to designated text stops. It may be time to consider these type of text stops in and around local streets as well.

Acclaimed director Werner Herzog tells personal stories in this powerful It Can Wait Documentary. We urge you to watch this.

The Bongiovi Acoustics DPS crew feels very strongly about the It Can Wait campaign. There truly is nothing more important than a human life. The latest celebrity gossip will be there when you get to your destination. Your friend texting about the weekend will be OK if you wait another 15 minutes before you arrive at home. So take the pledge like CEA did. Take the pledge like the Bongiovi DPS crew has. Remember, this video the next time you grab for your phone on your way out. Just click any of the links in this post to learn how to pledge to never text and drive again. Comment on this post with oyur thoughts on this very important subject. Remember, It Can Wait!

-Bongiovi Acoustics / Bongiovi Medical / DPS Insider Crew

CES 2014

Bongiovi Acoustics will be at CES 2014

CES 2013 Entrance

It’s official!  Bongiovi Acoustics will be part of CES 2014!  The event will be taking place from January 7th through the 10th.  We are also proud to announce that we are official Exhibitors this year.  Our CES experience is always a positive one.  A great way to meet other tech minded people and businesses and share technologies.

Bongiovi DPS CES Highlights 2008-2013


The video above highlights our time at CES from 2008-2013. 2008 shows the very popular JVC KDS-100 car radio with Digital Power Station technology. People are still asking about where they can get this thing!

iHome Studio Series and JVC 2010

iHome CES 2009

The iHome Studio series with Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Audio Enhancing Technology was the talk of CES 2010.

DPS Delorean CES JVC 2009

We also featured the JVC KDS-100 in what you know as the Back to the Future car, the Delorean! 21.1 jigawatts!!!

2012 DPS Plugin

DPS Plugin CES awards 2012

The DPS Plugin products won several awards in 2012. Design and Engineering Showcase awards for the Bongiovi DPS iOS app and the Windows System-wide version of the DPS Plugin audio enhancer. We were honored to receive these awards.

REimagine Audio CES 2013

DPS Speakerless Car

We had a great party to ask people to Re-Imagine Audio We enjoyed music, food and showed off the Speaker-less Car of the Future. (Shown Above) People really enjoyed getting into the car and listening to how DPS Audio Enhancer technology could make a car without speakers sound amazing! We also did a few demos showing how DPS can help with audio challenges in the field of medicine.

We are certain that CES 2014 will be even more exciting for Bongiovi Acoustics, Bongiovi Medical and for everyone attending! f you’re interested in learning more about what Bongiovi Acoustics can do for your products, look us up! We look forward to meeting you.