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The DPS Insider is is where we at Bongiovi Acoustics get a chance to hang out with you. If you have a question about the DPS Plugin Audio Enhancer Software, want to discuss HiFi audio or the finer points of songwriting, you have come to the right place!


The Crazy Boa WiFi speaker with DPS now for sale in China! Click here to learn more.

DPS audio technology will be available in Seiki Televisions in 2015!  Click Here to Learn More

And for you Android developers out there, we are happy to announce the Bongiovi SDK!  Click here to visit the Bongiovi DPS SDK website…

We create amazing sound for laptop computers, cars, headphones or anything else that makes noise using DPS real-time remastering technology.  This entire company was born out of the entertainment industry.  We still play our instruments, record music and produce movies. Why? Because it’s in our blood!

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